CSV From Krung Thai Bank

KTB2CSV - What it does

Why do people copy bank account transactions into a spreadsheet?

The main reason is to enable categorization of income and expenses

You may have received a report from your credit card company where payments you've made are categorized by type--food, entertainment, transport, etc.

Credit card companies can do this because they know what their merchants do.

A bank can't do the same thing with debits in a savings or checking account because they don't know the people and companies you deal with.

But you do and so it's easy to add a column to the CSV once it's in a spreadsheet to describe the type of transaction.

You can then make a Pivot Table of Debits and Credits against this description and, voilà, an up-to-date summary of where your money comes from and how you spent it.

KTB2CSV - Security

Data extracted from the PDF never leaves your phone and is never transmitted anywhere. When you close you browser tab or the app on your phone, the data is gone. The only time it leaves the browser or app is when you Copy to clipboard.

KTB2CSV - What You Do

Download and Install KTB2CSV for Android Phones

Download KTB2CSV.apk from here.

Long press to launch it and you may be warned that you cannot install apps downloaded with your browser.

In that case, open Settings and search for "Install unknown apps" then enable the check box at the side of you browser.

Launch KTB2CSV.apk again and install.

Download and Install KTB2CSV for Browsers

KTB2CSV is available from the Chrome Web Store here. Simply click on the "Add to Chrome" button.

But you are welcome to download and install it yourself from here. Read on.

For Windows

You will need a Windows PC running Google Chrome browser. It won’t work in Chrome on an Android phone but there’s a browser for Android called Kiwi where it does work. See below

Download KTB2CSV.crx from here and save it to a folder.

1. From a Chrome tab, browse to chrome://extensions/

2. Switch on "Developer mode"

3. Go to the folder containing the .crx file, drag it to the chrome tab you just opened and drop the file onto the tab.

4. Confirm the install by clicking on "Add extension"

5. In the Chrome toolbar to the right of the address bar, click on the Extensions button. It looks like a folder 

6. Click on the pin next to KTB2CSV

7. You should see a new button appear top right hand in Chrome

8. Click on the new button then follow the instructions above to navigate to a PDF received from KTB. Have your PDF password hand.

For Android

Install the Kiwi browser from Android Play Store.

Download KTB2CSV.crx from here and save it somewhere on your phone.

Open Kiwi, tap in the top right-hand corner to open a menu. Select Extensions then +(from .zip/.crx/.user.js).

Navigate to the KTB2CSV.crx file you just downloaded. Kiwi installs it as an Extension.

Usage is mostly as described above. However, there's no room for Extension buttons on the Kiwi address bar. To get to Options, go to the Extensions page, look for the KTB2CSV addin, press Details and scroll down to where it says Extension Options. Press there.

Since there's no popup from the address bar menu, there's a link in the More panel of the Options page to get to the PDF extraction page.

For Microsoft Edge

Edge supports Extensions from the Chrome Web Store and provides a link to the Store. The process is similar to the above for Chrome.

Unlike Chrome and Kiwi, Edge does not support sideloading (from a .crk file as described above) so please go to the Chrome Web store to get KTB2CSV.