Deodorizing Agoda

The Agoda User eXperience is truly appalling

Graphic design: choked

Sales psychology: infantile

Content: overwhelmed by paid advertisers

I could go on and on. If I was teaching a course on Commercial Web Design 101, I would spend a whole semester deconstructing That's how bad it is

The whole Web site stinks so we've written AgodaDeoda to clean it up.

  • remove gaily colored tags from Hotel Cards that are of no interest to you
  • remove hotels being promoted by Agoda as special offers, etc
  • remove "just missed it", "only 2 left", "you've never seen this price," and pretty much anything that would make you barf.
  • remove recommendations, ratings and anything else designed to divert you from making a decision based on your selection criteria

See AgodaDeoda in action here

Download and install AgodaDeoda here

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